• Choose the container 20’
  • Check the container condition 80%
  • Make sure no insert, no Secrete and strengthen of the structure.

1. Choose The Container

2. Cutting for External Door, Lamp & Window

  • Cutting container panel for external door, Window, Exhaust Fan & Emergency Lamp
  • Then install frame for external door, Window, Exhaust Fan & Emergency Lamp
  • Install steel frame use hollow box steel 4x4cm over the walls & ceiling
  • Then insert glass wool between steel frame & inside panel as a wall insulation

3. Install Steel Frame for Interior

4. Process Primer Coating

  • Re-shaping container panel using polyester putty before epoxy primer coating
  • Install poly paper/PVC over the walls & ceiling
  • After poly paper/PVC had installed then finishing the workmanship for wall & ceiling interior

5. Interior (Wall & Ceiling)

6. Top Coating

  • After finishing coating for first & intermediate layer start to painting for top coating use Marine Paint
  • Make sure the painting with thickness minimum 50 Чm

7. MPI Test by 3rd Party

8. Load Test by 3rd Party

9. Instalation of Solar Panel

10. Complete Modification

11. Store After Modification

12. Delivery

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